Invent something. Write a song. Learn to weld.

Start a business.
Explore career possibilites.

Create X together.

What if we told you everything you need to get moving on your creative project or goal exists in the communities around you? You may be surprised by how many people want to help you succeed, or need your help to do the same.  We’re all in this together; finding our creative outlets, running toward small goals, or chasing big dreams! Whether you want to become an accomplished product designer, create a work of art, learn a new skill, or simply interact with and learn from other creators, you’ll find an inspirational well of resources here.

Simply put, we're a community of creators
who help and thank each other.

We are artists and designers; engineers and doctors; writers and performers; makers and entrepreneurs; students and retirees. Most importantly, we’re all life-long learners with a shared desire to make - and help others make the most of life. CoCreateX builds bridges between people of different ages, skill levels, and educational backgrounds. The world is full of creative and supportive people - We’re just making it easier to connect, give back, and find that creative outlet we’ve all been looking for. It's easy as 1-2-3:

1. Get Inspired

What's your greatest passion in life?  What have you always wanted to create or learn or become? Not sure? No problem! Inspiration is everywhere once you open your mind to new adventures. Meet some people in your community and see what they're up to. Go to Meetups, Events, and explore the CoCreateX Community.  Share your ideas on what you want to learn or create, get some feedback, and learn from the creative people all around you. 

2. Get Busy

Put yourself out there and go do it...And ask for help along the way! No single person has all the answers; Even Google has limitations. Ask the Community for advice, recommendations, feedback, or other help with your creative project or goal. Whether you want to invent a medical device, write a magnum opus, or learn to weld so you can fix your car, there are people in your community who want to help!

3. Give Back

Did someone go out of their way to help you with your goal? Return the favor by saying Thanks. Your Thanks endorsement will be shared with the person who helped you and the rest of the community so that others can be inspired and celebrate your collaborative success.

Sometimes the best way to give back is to pay it forward and help someone else with their creative project or goal. Anyone can contribute - You can help with as little as making an introduction or offering a suggestion. The strength of the community depends on everyone's contributions!