CoCreateX Highlights

Medical Device Center-University of Minnesota

In February 2016, CoCreateX and the UMN Medical Devices Center offered ten entrepreneurs and community organizers an opportunity to get feedback from an audience experts across the medical devices field. Each presenter pitched their idea or group for three minutes, then had an opportunity to continue the conversation with the audience for the remainder of the evening. CoCreateX also printed posters displaying entrepreneurs' projects, consultants' services, and University resources.

Big Pi-Day

In celebration of Pi Day 2016, CoCreateX brought together members of creative Twin Cities communities in support of innovation. During the day, we supported events by diyBio, 33 Mad Scientists, MAV Meetup, and Tesla Works that gave the public hands-on experience with novel technologies. In the evening, we brought these communities together with the rest of the CoCreateX network for an evening of conversation about the needs of entrepreneurs and other CoCreators in the Twin Cities. We are grateful to the man communities and individuals that helped make this celebration of innovation a success!

Welding Tutorial: Innovative Engineers

Innovative Engineers is a student group from the University of Minnesota that focuses on sustainability projects. CoCreateX hosted a welding tutorial at our shop to teach safety and basic skills.  Everyone got some hands on experience with MIG welding.  Innovative Engineers will be using these skills to weld a wind turbine tower in the coming months.

Mac Startups

Mac Startups is a 10 week startup accelerator program for Macalester College students. With support from alumni and members of the twin cities entrepreneurial community including CoCreateX, teams of 2-3 transform ideas into marketable products. The program culminates with a Demo Day during Twin Cities Startup Week in September.


P-Soup is a product design and engineering resource in St. Paul that specializes in the development of medical devices. They're a great group of people with a fantastic culture. CoCreateX and P-Soup co-hosted an event on Wednesday, July 8th, 2015. Community members had the opportunity to tour the creative shop space and shared posters of different projects, adventures, and ventures. Local music producer Mike Olson DJ’d the event with some imaginative analog fragment-based compositions.

Concert C.U.R.E

Project C.U.R.E is a nonprofit organization that collects donations of medical supplies and distributes them to ares of need around the world.  CoCreateX helped to plan, and host a benefit concert in support of project C.U.R.E.  Hosted at the University of Minnesota, the concert featured Twin Cities musical acts and a presentation from Project C.U.R.E.  The event increased awareness and resulted in both financial and medical supply donations.  Please check out Project. C.U.R.E online to learn more!