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Hey there, my name is Mac. I've got a degree in physics from the University of Minnesota (UMN) and spent my nights and weekends growing a student group and nonprofit called Tesla Works, giving students the opportunity to turn classroom knowledge into real-world experiences. I also founded and instructed the first 3D printing class at the UMN, empowering and growing an active community of over 70 creators and inventors. I have extensive experience in the 3D printing industry, working at the world’s largest 3D printing company, Stratasys, as an applications engineer and education expert for over 3 years.
I have always wanted to travel to Scotland, the equator, Russia, Alaska, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Brazil, and see lava. I'd also like to write a book, paint a huge picture, record an album, direct a movie, plant 1000 trees, and patent 50 things! If you can help me out, email me at

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