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CoCreateX Blockchain Bus at Blockchain Week

Minneapolis, MN – April 24, 2018 – CoCreateX, Inc. is showcasing transportation applications for blockchains and cryptocurrency start-ups and enterprises at this year’s Blockchain Week in Boston, MN – April 24 – 27, 2018. Over 65 companies, notable universities, and various organizations will attend this year’s event… Read More…


Blockchain Startup & Co-Founder Honored in Business Magazine 35 Under 35

Minneapolis, MN – September 6, 2017 – CoCreateX, Inc., and co-founder Anthony Tabet, 21, was honored in late July by the Minnesota Business Magazine’s – Young Entrepreneurs 2017. The magazine recognized Tabet as part of their third annual cohort of Young Entrepreneurs who are 35 or younger and have either founded or co-founded a business in Minneapolis. Read More…


CoCreateX, Cloud-Based Shared Data Platform Says, “Thank You” In A Big Way

Minneapolis, MN – August 23, 2017 – This week CoCreateX, Inc., who helps others succeed by being who they are and doing what they love, will launch a cloud-based “Thank You” website with social media integration. In addition, the company will celebrate their recent accomplishments at Hope Rides ranch in Mayer, MN.  Read More…


Blockchain Tech Emboldens Creators
Huffington Post | Written by Melrose PR Contributor, Kevin Del Principe

Santa Monica, CA – August 8, 2017 – Though grasping the vastness of the universe may reveal humanity’s insignificance, human creative capacity remains quite significant. Additionally, this creative capacity can be amplified by building constructive institutions and technologies. Read More…


Evolution of a Utopian Vision
Minnesota Business Magazine | Written by Brian Martucci

Minneapolis, MN – August 3, 2017 – Are good vibes and pay-it-forward generosity enough to sustain a community of makers and doers? CEO Nick Powley, president Mac Cameron, and their fellow CoCreateX co-founders and board members believe so. As do hundreds of active CoCreateX Catalysts Facebook group members and thousands of cheerleaders who lend time and talent as they’re able. Read More…


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Another great thank you on!Mariana Jimenez Dela Nait Just gave her first Thank You from Nepal! It's also to know good vibes and appreciation are being shared around the world via! ... See MoreSee Less

Another great thank you on!

3 weeks ago


Hey all! Just a reminder that we have a free, public Facebook group that empowers and enables Innovators, Organizers, Students, Retirees, Individuals in Transition, and Lifelong Learners to connect with communities that help each other so they realize their human potential, do what they love doing, and live a more inspired life.
Click here to join now:
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2 months ago


Back on the road again tomorrow for #Boston #blockchain week! Thanks @genesis_block for helping make it happen!

#cocreate #cocreatex #make #maker #makerbus #helpandsaythanks #bus #roadtrip #projects #makersgonnamake #create #community #communities #invent #entrepreneur #startup
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Back on the road again tomorrow for #Boston #blockchain week! Thanks @genesis_block for helping make it happen!

#cocreate #cocreatex #make #maker #makerbus #helpandsaythanks #bus #roadtrip #projects #makersgonnamake #create #community #communities #invent #entrepreneur #startup


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Have a fantastic trip!!!

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