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Gracie #333, the CoCreateX Bus posted up at MIT in Cambridge MA on her very first tour.

Shipping a CoCreateX Membership Token to Mark Jakobitz from the house in Saint Paul, MN.

A surprise opening of the CoCreateX Token Pac featuring a CHANGE(TM)/CHAINGE(TM) Token.

A CoCreateX Membership Token mounted on a CoCreateX Membership Certificate.

The interior of the CoCreateX bus parked in Brooklyn NY on the Sheltersuit Tour.

The CoCreateX Bus parked in front of Sigma Chi in Boston MA.

Trevor leading the way at a Travla performance and parade in Hopkins MN.

A CoCreateX Community Page at

Bird’s eye view of SXSW2019. Photo credit Merrick Ales

Tony, Nick, and Bas, back from Brooklyn, unwinding after the Sheltersuit Tour.


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