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Start-up launches social media site and celebrates
their vision at upcoming leadership retreat.

NEWS PROVIDED BY – CoCreateX – August 23, 2017

Minneapolis, MN – August 23, 2017 – This week CoCreateX, Inc., who helps others succeed by
being who they are and doing what they love, will launch a cloud-based “Thank You” website with
social media integration. In addition, the company will celebrate their recent accomplishments at
Hope Rides ranch in Mayer, MN.

“Our ‘Thank You’ platform is a social media integrated website and online community that provides
over 1,400 members validation, recognition, and certification of a person’s Thank You”, stated
founder and CEO Nicholas Powley. “It connects intergenerational, cross-industry inventors, makers,
scientists, artists, and designers with CoCreateX Community Members, innovative tools, and thank
you data so members can turn their dreams into reality.”

Since inception, the company and its seven co-founders have also created several Invention and
Catalysts Spaces across the nation, retooled a bus to create a Mobile Innovation Center, and
continue to help companies with development and sales resources. CoCreateX’s community now
stretches across 6 major cities within the United States.

“As a faith based, nonprofit organization that uses the unconditional love of horses to provide hope,
healing and restoration to children, we were excited to work with CoCreateX to offer our facility and
training for their leadership retreat”, stated Hope Rides founder Vollie Heitkamp. Expanding Hope
Rides audience by way of offering leadership retreat and training facilities, is just one example of
how CoCreateX helps and says thanks to companies in their community.

Brian Martucci’s recent article in Minnesota Business Magazine entitled "Evolution of a Utopian
Vision", profiled CoCreateX’s unique communal accelerator technique, its culture, approach to
business, and the community it serves. The CoCreateX house, an Invention and Catalysts Space on
St. Paul’s east side reflects the company’s inclusive, eclectic approach to business. At Sunday open
houses, musicians and graphic artists rub shoulders with engineers and medical-device designers in
a workshop-like environment (complete with a laser cutter and CNC mill). Since the group’s founding,
investors, techies and entrepreneurial creatives (including a musician who recorded an
original album there) have called the place home.


About CoCreateX
CoCreateX provides a community of creators with the necessary tools to complete projects, patent
inventions, and start successful businesses. CoCreateX’s “Thank You” cloud-based shared data
platform, invention and catalyst spaces, and Mobile Innovation Center uses blockchain tech to
record constructive community interaction, skills, and acts of generosity so fellow cross-industry
inventors, makers, scientists, artists, designers, and supporters can tap the power of communities.
The CoCreateX Catalyst community creates a viable network for entrepreneurs, investors and
businesses to engage with one another across a variety of industries. Our mission is to celebrate,
sustain, and empower helpful and thankful people, so everyone can be successful by being who they
are and by doing what they love. For more information visit or email us

About Hope Rides
Hope Rides is a registered 501 (c) 3 organization that was founded to allow children an opportunity
to connect to horses in a safe, peaceful, and loving environment intended for healing, growth and
hope. Since the beginning it has been abundantly clear that the kids and horses benefit from each
other and that these benefits reach beyond the boundaries of Hope Rides. Why use horse? The
horse is an amazing animal. Their prey and herd instincts make them an incredible friend and
teacher. The opportunity to understand their behavior as it relates to their social and survival needs
provides countless opportunities for humans to learn valuable life lessons and skills about ourselves
and those around us. Hope Rides connects people to horses in a way that empowers positive choice
for positive change, and enhances hope for the future. For more information visit or
call 612-310- 6350.

Press and Media Inquiries
Mac Cameron, President
P: + 1-612- 834-3590

Beth Moorhead, Marketing
P: +1-612- 239-4267

CoCreateX, Inc.
1137 Burns Ave
St. Paul, MN 55447

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