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What is a Sense of Possibility? Think MIT.

The Infinite Corridor at MIT, Cambridge, MA.


A sense of possibility is the feeling you feel when you walk down the infinite corridor at MIT. It’s the feeling of being in the presence of every human and every resource you might ever need to realize your greatest imagination. It’s the feeling of living and working in an environment where, “Yes,” is the only answer.


Sharing a Sense of Possibility with Everyone.


Even at MIT, where the sense of possibility is seemingly infinite, the Infinite Corridor does come to an end. As one crosses beyond the boundary of abundance, the rest of the world is not always so trusting, and not everyone has the opportunity to prove themselves so trustworthy. Trust makes it possible to share a sense of possibility with everyone.


CoCreateX Helps People Build Trust.


CoCreateX has built a system that enables people to help each other and say “thank you,” and in doing so, to complete the two behaviors that punctuate building trust. As people help each other and say, “thank you,” they build trust, they build community, and they build a sense of possibility. A sense of possibility comes from being trusted by your community, so you have what you need, when you need it. And so does everyone else. The modern economy is increasingly building on this premise – Excess capacity shared with people with a good track record. Think Uber, Lyft, AirBNB.


What’s a Distributed Social Network?


As a solution to sharing a sense of possibility with everyone, CoCreateX has conceived of, and built, a Distributed Social Network. The CoCreateX Distributed Social Network empowers anyone to create and monetize their own social network at their own website and swap content with other social networks, including the big ones, like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The CoCreateX Distributed Social Network enables people to aggregate content from around the web and display at each person’s Own social network. Options include mapping, an intellectual property blockchain, with audio and video capabilities coming soon!




COCREATEX INC is a Minnesota headquartered C-Corporation designed to celebrate, sustain, and empower helpful and thankful people. From community members to customers, and from volunteers to investors, CoCreateX is constituted by a system and a culture that recognizes and rewards those who make a positive difference.


Join a Community


To create a free CoCreateX Community account, your own thank-you profile, and to track your thank-yous, please click Login/Sign Up above and to the right. To become a paying member of the CoCreateX Community and experience premium member benefits, like notifications when companies are looking for consultants with your skill set, please follow the Become a Member button below. Keep scrolling to visit some of the great communities that are part of the CoCreateX Distributed Social Network and consider joining one today!


Become a Member


The following images link to websites that incorporate the CoCreateX Distributed Social Network. Each can choose to keep their posts and data private or share their posts and data globally to reach a broader audience and build meaningful interdisciplinary relationships.


Build a Community


Curious about launching your own social network? Communities thrive on positive interactions. The CoCreateX Community multiplies positive interactions at using a custom social networking platform. Having received such great feedback on the social network, CoCreateX has developed a unique social networking platform that can be shared and connected with others, together into a Distributed Social Network, where everyone owns their own social network.

CoCreateX has a vision of a technologically advanced ecosystem of communities where everyone can participate, enjoy, and enrich the many offerings of many groups. To facilitate such community interactions, CoCreateX has built a Distributed Social Network that allows instances to share posts globally to reach broader audiences to build more diverse and meaningful interdisciplinary relationships.



CoCreateX has succeeded at tapping the power of communities with small, large, a Fortune 100 organization, and even MIT. If you’d like to build your own Distributed Social Network for your own collaborative ecosystem, please email today!


Contact CoCreateX


Community Builder

*Builder is optimized for desktop


Example Private Label instances that we have created so far include:


Realtime Innovation


If you’d like to innovate in real time with the CoCreateX Community, please email about hosting a Realtime(TM) Innovation Session today!

Contact CoCreateX


In 2019, CoCreateX succeeded at helping a Fortune 100 company realize one of Time Magazine’s Greatest Products, which appeared on the Ellen Show. CoCreateX is looking for all people of all ages to help.


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