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CoCreate (verb):
create together

CoCreateX is a platform and agency that serves an ever-expanding community of creators:

Artists and Designers
Engineers and Doctors
Writers and Performers
Makers and Entrepreneurs
Students and Retirees
CoCreators and Catalysts

Our community is a fusion of passionate creators who help each other with projects.


Our platform at and in person empowers collaboration on passion-driven projects with helpful people. We use Thank You’s to celebrate and inspire helpful exchanges that go on every day in the greater community. Projects and Thank You’s are garnered to build meaningful personal portfolios, like this one. We even have a bus outfitted as a makerspace to span our collaboration and impact across North America with grassroots events and awe-inspiring experiences.


Our agency is a dedicated, personalized service that helps companies complete projects and cocreators get paid. We combine the creativity, energy, and talent of our community with diligent management and support of trusted professionals. We specialize in lean, efficient project completion, leveraging design cycle principles from MIT and IDEO.


A Culture of Gratitude

Think about the last person who helped you with a goal or a particular challenge. Maybe it was a friend who inspired you to start a project, or a neighbor who helped you fix your car. Say Thanks to that person to show your appreciation for their help. Your Thank You will be shared with the person who helped you, and the rest of the CoCreateX community so that others can be inspired and celebrate your collaborative success. Is the person you’re thinking of not on the CoCreateX website yet? No worries! We’ll invite them and they’ll have your Thank You waiting for them when they sign in for the first time. Now you’re co-creating!

The benefits of gratitude are far-reaching. Not only does it feel good to say thank you and to be appreciated, but genuine gratitude leads to positivity that sustains, inspires, and encourages giving which opens doors for a world of possibilities.. Everybody wins!


A History of Creating and Giving Back

Our adventure began around a community of people who had a desire to share resources and connections in order to turn ideas into products, inventions into businesses, and passions into sustainable lifestyles. As a group we have built up resources including a workshop, a lab space, a network of connections and a passionate team. We understand first hand the power of working as part of a community and we want to share that experience with the world.  That’s why it is now our mission to empower, celebrate, and sustain helpful and thankful people everywhere.

While we got our start in St. Paul, Minnesota, our community is expanding to new places every day. In fact, we’ve purchased a gigantic Prevost Coach bus, which we’re transforming into a mobile makerspace and CoCreateHQ to spread our mission and help people all over the lower 48 states, inviting them to say Thanks and inspiring healthy, productive, fulfilling lifestyles. CoCreateX is about people, not things – and there are helpful and thankful people everywhere.

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