Here at CoCreateX we strive to improve the climate for innovation by connecting people and providing access to valuable resources. Our adventure began around a community of people who had a desire to share resources and connections in order to turn our ideas into products, our inventions into businesses, and our passions into reality. As a group we have built up resources including a workshop, lab space, a network of connections in a variety of industries and a passionate team. We understand first hand the power of working as part of a community and want to share that experience with the world.  That is why it is now our mission to help people realize their own creative dreams by tapping the power of communities.                                                                                                              

If you would like to be involved, connect with our community or tap our resources, please attend one of our regular events or contact us.  You can also check out or social media test platform we ran last year at here.

1137 burns ave St. Paul